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39,5 - 40 - 40,5 - 41 - 41,5 - 42 - 42,5 - 43 - 43,5 - 44 - 44,5 - 45,5
The SST 8 brings revolutionary technology to competitive bowlers aiming to stay at the top of their game. With interchangeable slide and traction soles, the SST8 can be converted for lefties and righties alike. With a new, contemporary last, you’ll have all the balance you need!
Soft, full-grain leather upper
Unique total interchangeable sole construction
Goodyear® replaceable rubber traction soles
Right or left convertible
Leather toe drag protector stops slide sole peel back
Soft, full-grain leather upper
New Rühne® last with sleek silhouette
Stitch-down construction
On shoe: H5 Saw Tooth heel, H2 Ultra Brakz, S8 slide sole, T3 traction
2 Dexter shoe protectors and 1 satin parts bag
In box: S6, S10, H7